Nuffield Health Leicester Hospital ranked “Top Performer” in provision of care to NHS patients

Nuffield Health Leicester Hospital ranked “Top Performer” in provision of care to NHS patientsNuffield Health Leicester Hospital has been named as a top performing hospital in the most recent NHS Partners Network (NHSPN) Report on Independent sector providers caring for NHS patients.

The report provides a comparison between the performances of independent sector providers with their NHS counterparts, and looks at indicators including patient experience, clinical quality and patient outcomes and safety.

Nuffield Health Leicester Hospital performed highly across the family and friends test. The findings for the hospital show:

● In the friends and family test, Nuffield Health Leicester scored 100%, and ranked third in the UK as the hospital, patients would be most likely to recommend to friends and family.

Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) - the statistics collected by the Health and Social Care Information Centre for a range of elective procedures including hip and knee replacements, groin hernias and varicose vein treatment – again show Leicester hospital scoring highly. The figures show:

● Nuffield Health Leicester Hospital was ranked 6th out of 50 hospitals around the UK for Groin and Hernia outcomes

● Knee score for Nuffield Health Leicester hospital also listed as one of the top in the Country

All providers of acute adult inpatient care are required to provide information on the percentage of admitted patients who are risk-assessed for venous thromboembolism (blood clots). The average rate for independent providers is 98.7% compared with a national average of 96.1%. And, although comparative infection rates are not currently available for the NHS and independent sector, Public Health England data makes it clear that there are very low healthcare acquired infection rates in the independent sector.

Hospital Director at Nuffield Health Leicester Hospital, Matthew Cook said: “We are absolutely delighted to be acknowledged as one of the UK’s top performers in the provision of patient care. We know from feedback from our patients that the quality of care is consistently high and we are proud that this has been recognised. I believe that the care at the Nuffield Health Leicester hospital is on a par with any other provider in the country.”

Matron at Nuffield Health, Mary Ireland said: “All of the clinical staff in the hospital work very hard to ensure that we consistently provide, high quality and safe services to our patients. We want our patients to experience the best care possible and these new figures reflect the hard work of the whole clinical team.”

Elective care is critically dependent on independent sector provision. Around 20% of all elective gastroenterology procedures and hip and knee replacements are now carried out by the independent sector. In some areas of the country this figure is far higher. As well as NHS patients, many independent sector providers also treat large numbers of privately-funded patients as well. However, the overall number of NHS patients treated by independent organisations remains a small fraction of total NHS volumes.