The Earth: From Myths to Knowledge by Hubert Krivine

By Hubert Krivine

Foreword by Tariq Ali

Defending scientific truths in an age of obscurantism

Hardback - 304 pages - ISBN 9781781687994 Price £20

“Hubert Krivine’s book is not only a fascinating history of how humanity came to understand the age and motion of the Earth - it is also an object lesson in the philosophy of science, which will upset religious fundamentalists and extreme-social-constructivist sociologists in equal measure.” - Alan Sokal, Professor of Physics at New York University and Professor of Mathematics at Univeersity College London.

Our planet’s elliptical orbit around the Sun and its billions-of-years existence are facts we take for granted, matters every literate high school student is expected to grasp. But humanity’s struggle towards these scientific truths lasted miienia. Few of us have more than the faintest notion of the path we travelled.

Hubert Krivine tells the story of the thinkers and scientists whose work allowed our species to put an age to the planet and pinpoint our place in the solar system.