First for Value Added Education in Loughborough

Earlier this year the Department for Education provided public access to the school and college performance tables for the 2014 examination season. For the first time independent schools were included in the post-16 value added measure. This gives a reflection of the actual progress made during Sixth Form study rather than focusing on the headline pass rate figure, thereby giving a more holistic overview of student achievement.

In a comparison of the 147 educational establishments within a 25 mile radius of Loughborough, Our Lady’s Convent School (OLCS) was first for value added at post-16 level and ranked seventh in England.

One of the School’s aims is to develop in their students, in partnership with their parents, a broad base of knowledge and skills: moral, spiritual, intellectual, cultural and physical. The School strives to get the best out of each individual and support them in any way possible to help them attain their full potential and it is this that is reflected so well in the value added ranking achieved this year. The School welcomes boys from 3-11 and girls from 3-18 in a warm, family environment.

Pupils and staff are looking forward to an exciting start to the new academic year when OLCS will become the fourth school

in the Loughborough Endowed Schools Foundation alongside Loughborough Grammar School, Loughborough High School and Fairfield Preparatory School.

Those interested in understanding how a value added education can help their son or daughter should ring 01509 638282 to book a tour or visit the Loughborough Endowed School’s Open Day on 3rd October to see what makes this local school so special.