Simon Takes NFU Reins in Leic., Northants. and Rutland

Simon Fisher has taken up a new NFU post. Simon, who has been NFU’s county adviser covering Nottinghamshire and Holland (Lincs) has become the County Adviser for Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Rutland. He takes over his county duties from Carol Puddephatt, who recently retired.

As the county’s adviser Simon is the eyes and ears of NFU locally, working closely with members and NFU staff to provide a tailored and consistent service to NFU members.

Simon will be based partly at Uppingham, Rutland and at NFU’s the local office at Weekley, Kettering offering a local presence national farming organisation. Simon will continue to act as secretary to the NFU East Midlands combinable crops board and will take on responsibility for the region’s livestock board, too, including advising on policy issues surrounding the two important sectors. Recently, Simon has undertaken a series of advisory events giving NFU members guidance on the new Basic Payment Scheme application process.

Simon Fisher said: “My long NFU career will stand me in good stead in my new post; I’m looking forward to working closely with farmers in the three counties on the many issues that affect their businesses. Not least will be helping farmers with the final stages of the Basic Payment Scheme, farming’s current “bete noir”, and dealing with the more immediate concerns of the downward pressure on beef, lamb and milk prices at the farm gate.

“The county’s farmers are professional and forward thinking and it is particularly important that the many different issues they face are represented to stakeholders and the wider community. It is my role to be NFU’s “man on the ground” and to provide an enhanced membership service to our farmers and growers, ensuring that their voices are heard and that they recognise that NFU is batting for them.”

Of particular concern to farmers at the moment is the issue of fly-grazing, where horses (and sometimes other animals) are dumped on farmland. NFU has agreed a new service for its members which will help them deal with this problem. It seems that Leicestershire has a significant problem with fly-grazed horses and it is an issue the NFU will be taking up with local councils and the police.