Buy-to-Let Made Easy

The James Sellicks Group of Companies have opened Complete Buy To Let, their latest service with the recruitment of Richard Trustram Eve. The business acts for Investors wishing to acquire single, or a portfolio of buy-to-let properties. 

The Housing Market

Growth in house prices has led to a situation where purchasing a house is no longer affordable for young people and the average age of a first-time buyer has is now 36. Unlike previous generations many now have no aspiration to buy a house at all, suggesting a trend to much lower property ownership more akin to that elsewhere in Europe (France 64.3% Germany 52.6% Switzerland 44% (Source 2014) ). As a result the Private Rental Sector is expected to rise by 2020 to about 5.5m households or about 20% of the United Kingdom’s housing stock, it is currently worth about £1 trillion. The government expects the number of private landlords to grow to the point that they will own a third of all properties in the country by 2032. The trend is unlikely to reverse in the near future.

Why Buy to Let?

In spite of the cyclical nature of the market, property has proven to be a reliable investment. The combination of increase in the value of the property, giving capital growth and the rent providing income makes investment in buy-to-let attractive.

Property has outperformed other traditional investments such as the stock market, and deposit accounts in the current climate of low interest rates.

Recent figures show that the East Midlands property market has outperformed the national average in 2014 and is only outstripped by London and the East of England.

Although property is a tried and tested investment it is fundamentally different from equities, gilts or cash, these latter are passive investments where an investor can rely on others to deliver the returns, up until now, the investor has had to be very hands on with their property investment.


Complete Buy To Let

Complete Buy To Let has been launched to offer a complete, convenient and professional service, enabling first-time and established investors in the buy to let market to benefit from the capital-growth and property rental income, without the inherent concerns.

Depending upon a client’s need and instructions we will:
• Identify investment criteria suitable for an individual with a relevant emphasis on capital growth or income.

• Ensure that lending is appropriate and in place

• Vet properties and produce a suitable short list with rental income analysis.

• Accompany the investor around the selected properties

• Negotiate a suitable purchase price

• Arrange a Structural Survey

• Recommend suitable solicitors and liaise throughout the conveyancing process

• Recommend builders or tradesmen if refurbishment is recommended

• Arrange the service of a Letting Agent to identify suitable tenants and then take out references

• Deal with ongoing maintenance issues with the properties

In short Complete Buy To Let use our contacts and experience to remove the complexities and idiosyncrasies of the property market, allowing either a first-time investor or holder of an existing portfolio our experience of all aspects of property acquisition and management.

Table Source: Source: Wrigglesworth Consultancy

James Sellicks Group

Complete Buy To Let is a wholly owned subsidiary of The James Sellicks Group of Companies. We have a wealth of experience to draw from and a full range of services to offer to our clients.

• James Sellicks Estate Agents have 30 years’ experience in the East Midlands market with three offices across Leicestershire and Rutland, offering the best prestige properties and an unparalleled service.

• James Sellicks Special Project is the market leader in development consultancy and city centre apartment agency.

• Eden Financial Services offers independent mortgage advice and financial services to provide the very best advice to the client.

• James Sellicks lettings provide outstanding and service to the rental market through the offices in Leicester, Market Harborough and Oakham

• Shires Surveyors can provide a wide range of reports and have extensive experience of residential surveys and valuations in the East Midlands.

Clients of Complete Buy To Let have access to these services at a discounted rate

Richard Trustram Eve brings personal experience of 21 years in Estate Agency as a Partner in a major national estate agency firm and is an expert in property across the East Midlands. He often has early warning of suitable properties coming onto the market. He uses his skills to minimise the anxiety and risks that property acquisition can bring, and liaise with all parties to ensure a successful and satisfactory outcome.

Richard says “Early interest in our new venture has been very positive. A lot of busy professionals are delighted with this attractive service. They may already have invested in buy-to-let but do not have the time to look for further properties. They like the idea of property investment but not the maintenance worries that rental property can bring. Here at Complete Buy To Let we can tap into all the aspects of the James Sellicks Group to ensure a professional service and peace of mind.” 

For further information, contact Richard on 0116 285 4554, 07972 917866 or