Pork Pie Mania!


Here we go again... We continuously write about Ian's fantastic pork pies and things are certainly hotting up in the kitchen. Yes, it's official, pork pie mania is taking the Midlands by storm. Whatever the secretly guarded recipe is, he is on to a sure fire winner. Told by our family and friends who have eaten them (from reading our articles) that they love them, interest for Ian’s pies is coming from Nottingham, Northampton and Bosworth Nuneaton - we've recently discovered from Birmingham too, this phenomenon is getting a much wider audience.

The original plain pork pie, hand made on the premises have melt in your mouth hot water crust pastry and succulent fillings - they are pork pies beyond perfection. With his recent introduction of inspired toppings of tomato chutney covered with local Red Leicester cheese and, secondly, caramelised onion chutney smothered with local tangy Blue Stilton, it’s quite simply sensational. I urge everyone to try these taste sensations, especially if you are like myself who initially shied away from them - what a U-Turn I have made!

An amazing set of events unravelled for Ian and his team recently... Whilst attending the fabulous opening of Marco Pierre Whites New York Italian restaurant at the Grand Hotel Leicester I was fortunate enough to spend some quality time with Marco himself. Having read our magazine that afternoon, he was very interested in Ian's pork pies. Quick as a flash, I gave Marco his number who invited Ian to breakfast the next morning (and to bring a pork pie). Due to their popularity, Ian had none to bring (Just like 'Old Mother Hubbard'!) However, he agreed to send a couple of his pies to Marco direct. A few days later, Ian received a call from Marco himself (the staff didn't believe him at first - a world renown chef calling direct?!)

What transpired was Marco and his staff were so impressed with the pork pies he had to call Ian, telling him it was one of the best pork pies he had tasted for many years! Asking him if he ate them all Marco replied no - he was taking one home for his tea! What a fantastic accolade for Clarke's of Queniborough and what a kind gesture from Marco to call and congratulate Ian and his team himself - Remarkable! 

Whilst at The Grand Hotel, we also met two PR account managers (Matt Reynolds & Mimi Moreton from Birmingham) who were interested in sampling the pork pies too. Ian generously agreed to send them a couple to try. Matt has already been down twice for his 'fix'!

“Clarke's pork pies are nothing short (crust) of amazing. Ian has certainly created not only award-winning pork pies but an item of food we will happily travel to Queniborough from Birmingham on a regular basis for, just to have more of these savoury sensations”

The team at Rock Kitchen Harris in Leicester were also blown away by the tasty sensations, giving some fantastic comments:

“A great tasty savoury snack. One piece wasn't enough - I had to go back for more” - Rick Bywater

“These pies were delicious, you could really taste it was butcher quality” - Anna Ridgway

“Delicious, moreish, meaty pork pies, as far removed from dull supermarket offerings as you could imagine” - Liam Brown 

“A truly deluxe pork pie. Particularly well seasoned, and perfect with pickles!” - Andy Babic

“The best pork pie I have ever tasted” - David MooreMatt & Mimi

So, when we say it's good, it's very very good! Just like we urge you to try the award-winning bacon and sausages - don't be shy, just ask Ian for a sample. Similar to Arnie - “I'll be back!” Let us know what you think.

As the BBQ season continues, as does the huge array of homemade hand-pressed burgers (a meal on their own, they really are - dare you to eat two!), kebabs and ribs. A fabulous selection for outside meals.

We can't finish without mentioning Clarke's wholesome frozen handmade ready meals which continue to satisfy the rumbling tummies in Leicestershire and beyond. Check the list of suppliers to find one local to you.

Roll on the next edition for October/November, I can't wait to see what’s coming next from our favourite butchers - get your thinking cap on, Ian and your team!!

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