Red Wine could keep diabetics heart healthy

A glass of wine - particularly red could be good for diabetics hearts. US and Israeli researchers tracked the health of 224 diabetics over 2 years and discovered the wine drinkers experienced an increase in 'good' cholesterol. 

Those who had type 2 diabetes (linked to obesity) were split into 3 groups dependent upon the drink they had each night with dinner. One group drank water the other white wine and the third red wine. All volunteers had regular sessions with a dietitian and followed a Mediterranean-style diet. 

The red wine drinkers who experienced a rise in good cholesterol (HDL) is thought to keep the blood free from artery clogging compounds, they also performed better in other blood related tests the European Congress on Obesity heard. 

Professor Meir Stamfer from Harvard University said ' that a 'moderate' intake of red wine apparently decreases cardio-metabolic risk among type 2 diabetes, meaning it lowers the chances of heart disease or stroke'  

Dr Alasdair Rankin from Diabetes UK added ' Any potential health benefits from drinking alcohol would be out weighed by the well known side effect such as weight gain'