Collected Poems by Mike Cook

ISBN: 9781784622404 

Price: £14.99 

Hinckley author Mike Cook has penned his Collected Poems, which span a variety of verse forms - and life experiences 

“ The poems for this collection have been selected with a view to providing something for everyone, young and old alike; something old, something new,
and something blue just a few!).” 

This is an extensive collection of poetry covering a lifetime, from 1959 - when author Michael was 17-to the present day. Mike who suffers from depression and mental health issues, finds writing a comfort. 

His anthology covers a panoply of themes, tones, styles and verse forms, making it both accessible to the general public and suitable as a teaching guide for students of the art. The subject range is broad, covering relationships, socio-political issues, religious contemplations and the physical world.