Strategies to “Eat Clean” by Kathy Pearson

Lunch, Salad with egg, tomato & carrots; Soup with veg & ham; Lunch, Salad with spinach, egg, orange & meatThe third article written by American CEO Kathy Pearson (e: on food additives If you find this interesting, read the previous two articles by searching the tag ‘KathyPearson’.

For those of you who have read my past two articles about how our food supply affects our children’s health and behavior, you are probably thinking about “eating clean” but are struggling with how to make it happen. The most common response I get after speaking to a group is, “It sounds great, but it’s just too hard!” 

Let me give you some strategies to help you through the process – and it is a process. I too had a child who only liked to eat foods loaded with gluten, dairy, sugar and food preservatives. 

It‘s easier than you think. Parents make the choices of which foods their child consumes. It can be more emotional for the parent than the child if you have to tell them that they cannot have their favorite food anymore; but “good” similar substitutes do exist. 

Kathy PearsonTake one step at a time and change gradually. For example, many children get frequent ear infections, mine did. Our ear doctor suggested surgery to insert grommets because of fluid buildup. I asked him to give me one month to eliminate dairy as an experiment to try and avoid surgery. The first day it was just a splash of organic almond milk mixed in with milk, then the next day a 1:4 ratio, etc. After several days, the transition was complete with no awareness or objections. We substituted ice cream made from almond or rice milk for parties. We gradually switched from macaroni & cheese to just brown rice pasta with EFA’s (essential fatty acids) and some Celtic Sea Salt. Within a month of eliminating all dairy (which included cheese, yogurt and anything with any form of calcium in the ingredients), the ear infections stopped and grommets were no longer needed. 

Get rid of the old idea that you must eat “breakfast foods” such as cereal, toast or some form of gluten and dairy for breakfast. Juice is FULL of sugar and not good for kid’s brains when they are trying to learn. Think protein. Eat eggs and meat. Add vegetables to your breakfast such as tomatoes, red and green 

peppers or onions. Add baked beans. Make an omelette. Pre bake an egg, meat and vegetable casserole. Hard boil eggs and keep them in the fridge for an easy and fast breakfast. Precook meat such as bacon or sausage and store in a glass container in the fridge. These can all be easily reheated in the morning or even eaten cold. I have been known to eat a bowl of Chili for breakfast. 

For meals think “meat and 2 veg”. Buy only organic produce, eggs and meat or fish. Eat meat or fish grilled, baked, barbequed, poached or pan fried in “good fats” such as olive or coconut oil not, “bad fats”. Steam vegetables or eat them raw. Use a Slow Cooker to cook complete meals. Make the meal into a salad. Make homemade soup. Pre cook meals on weekends and keep them in the fridge or freezer. Skip the bread. 

In restaurants, there is always an option of a steak, chicken breast or fish & steamed fresh vegetables. 

For snacks and packed lunches, think of finger foods such as nitrate free lunch meats rolled up or with shredded vegetables wrapped in a romaine lettuce leaf. Pack precooked cold meat, a hard boiled egg, raw vegetables, nuts and seeds. Cherry tomatoes, raw baby carrots, grapes, berries and raisins are all good options. 

“Drink clean” by consuming filtered, steam-distilled or reverse- osmosis water. 

My child has been “eating clean” for six years. Since then we have seen no more ear infections or any major illnesses of any kind. We have seen increased focus, communication and positive behavior as well as continue to receive positive reports from school. 

“Eating clean” is now our family’s lifestyle