REMAP - The Charity with the CAN DO Attitude

Having a disability can be frustrating enough but when that person or their carer finds they are unable to achieve a goal in their life because the adaptation, gadget or equipment they need is not commercially available then the frustration and disappointment mount. 

That is where REMAP steps in. We design, adapt or make equipment to enable disabled people to: 

• live more independent lives • manage their own personal care • enjoy sport or hobbies • or make caring for someone easier. 

From a simple device to help a one handed person hang out washing to a highly sophisticated electronic gadget that enables a quadriplegic young man to play computer games. 

A skilled team of engineers, technicians, carpenters and IT wizards will work tirelessly to conjure up the adaptation that is right for YOU. 

Anyone can ask for our help and it is all delivered free of charge 

For more info on booking a talk, making a request for help or joining us as a volunteer, please email me: or give me a call on: 01530 231431 

And have a look at our website: