It Was a Different Story This Time Last Year

As I wrote this, this time last year, we had finished harvest, had started working the land ready for planting and were putting the final touches to the harvest festival. I had also just found out I was going to be a Daddy so keeping the biggest secret of my life. This year there is no secret that I am a Daddy as you can tell by my constant smile and the bags under my eyes! We are still harvesting as the weather has not been kind to us and at a time when we should be cleaning down the combine we are still holding out for that glimmer of sunshine to dry the crops and finally fetch in this year’s harvest. 

People often tell me how much they would love to have a farm and think we have the best life ever - these views are aided largely by the portrayal of farmers on the television. However, it is times like this when the weather is against us, the price of grain is at an all time low, the cost of fuel continues to rise and just to add insult to injury when things finally get moving there is always a bolt or blade that needs replacing or we have a breakdown on our hands - that I am guessing no one would want the life of a farmer. Don’t get me wrong I love what I do, but sometimes Mother Nature makes it a little harder than I would like. We all know you don’t farm for the money or the hours, it’s a lifestyle choice and despite this I wouldn’t swap it for the world. 

To try and work with our delightful weather we have changed the variety of potato we planted this year, as we get used to the wet weather it seemed our white potatoes had a little trouble adjusting last year, so I have had a lot of fun trying potatoes and checking they work in all manor of cooking. Never fear I have eaten enough homemade chips to make sure we have the right variety this year - fingers crossed that you all like them. 

So when I am not eating chips or being grumpy as I am not working the land or spending hours in fields when we finally get there, I have been helping with all of our up and coming events. Flies and Hattie have been doing a great job with this year’s Harvest Festival all in aid of Alzheimer’s Research UK. This isn’t our only event we have pumpkin carving for Halloween and have changed our Christmas festivities with a couple of weekends of fun as well as trees hanging in the year officially starting the season of goodwill.

As our Christmas Market was so busy last year and because the lovely people of Leicestershire are far more organised than me and start their Christmas shopping before Christmas Eve, we have decided to hold a Winter Market on Saturday 21st November, with lots of lovely stalls full of Christmas gift goodness, this way people can shop before the Christmas rush or put the final touches to their gift buying before the beginning of December, and all of this before you even have to think of your Christmas Tree.

We haven’t forgotten about our annual visit from Santa, he will still be visiting the grotto on the farm on the first weekend in December. By separating the two we hope we are doing all we can to help with the Christmas rush and stress of shopping.

Now talking of stress I best get back to the farm (and avoiding dirty nappies for a few more hours).

See you soon at Roots,

George x