Take care of each other this Christmas

George & HattieIt seems to be getting earlier every year, the supermarkets have Christmas treats lining the aisles in the summer while we are still busy making hay, not even thinking about tinsel, trees and turkey and yet in the blink of an eye it is here and nearly gone. 

We moved our Winter Market to November this year to allow for stress free shopping before the December rush. It allowed us to support local crafts people while raising money for a great cause – Alzheimer’s Society. After thawing out and having some great gifts ready for under the tree, we had the Christmas trees arrive and Santa took camp for the weekend at the beginning of December, arriving each day on his tractor with a fresh bag of toys. That Christmas feeling is definitely here at Roots and as the Brussels fly out of the door we know it is only a matter of time until the presents will have been opened, we will all be fed up of turkey and the new year diets will have started. 

We often talk about the Roots family and are very lucky to have such great support in all that we do. I have been thinking a lot about friends and family recently, mainly because of all that happened in Paris, innocent people enjoying time relaxing with their friends and family, it just seems so wrong and makes you realise you don't know what is around the corner. With Christmas being the time of goodwill to all men remember the little things - how a simple smile or hello can mean the world to people, that just giving up time to help people or being a shoulder to cry on can be the most important job in the world. Cosy nights in with proper winter food, the fire going or heating on and your door closed on the world is such precious time and should be thought about with a warm heart. 

I have also had to start thinking about the dreaded Christmas shopping (well the one gift I buy for Fliss!) this year of course you have to remember bags if you are shopping in the big stores, we are very lucky in our little shop as being so small, we’re still able to provide carrier bags if needed without a charge. As it is most of our customers have always used their own bags and are all for recycling and reducing the use of plastic bags. To help us all remember the changes in the law and most importantly support the quest to stop plastic bags appearing on beaches or in fields and getting stuck in combines! We have been working with the lovely people at Morsbag, who make bags from recycled material and don’t want money for them, but do want people to spread the word, donate material or even make a bag themselves. 

If you haven’t heard about Morsbag then you must come and see us as we are lucky enough to be giving them away, spreading the word and collecting any old curtain material, bedding, table clothes etc that you may have to make more bags with. If you can’t get to us but have material for this great cause, never fear as there are other drop off points that you can find on Facebook at morsbags.com Leicestershire. 

As much as I love the idea of these bags I am not sure I am the best person to make one but am assured it is easy. I am sure many of our shoppers or readers are far more talented than I with a sewing machine, so do get in touch if you want to become part of this brilliant cause as we are thinking of starting a 'pod' and getting sewing in the New Year. 

Well as much as I want to turn my hand to sewing, I need to get back to counting turkeys and making sure we have enough Brussels for all our veg boxes - wouldn't want to ruin anyone's Christmas! 

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and look after each other. 

See you soon at Roots 

George x