Is your daughter a bright spark?

Headmaster Alan Whelpdale explains why he has introduced the Headmaster’s Scholarship-a remission of 80% on fees-at Leicester High School for Girls. 

Ask anyone on the street to describe a ‘private’ school and the likely answer would be that it’s for posh, rich, white people who board and wear strange, old-fashioned uniforms. Does this matter? I think so. My school is nothing like the out-of-date stereotype above. The truth is that, of the 1200 ISC (Independent Schools Council) schools in 2014, 87% of the students are day pupils, 28% come from a minority ethnic background, and over a third of pupils receive help with the fees. Since I joined Leicester High just over two years ago, I have introduced eight new fully-funded scholarships, and our ethnic diversity truly reflects the vibrancy of our city. I am committed to opening doors and creating opportunities. 

The Headmaster’s Scholarship is specifically for an academic girl entering Year 7 in 2016 who has never experienced the independent school system. I am proud of the School and want as many bright girls as possible to benefit from what we offer. Any girl is welcome to register and sit the exam on Tuesday 23 February 2016. The Scholarship is 80% funded from Year 7-11. This means that the cost of an education here is reduced from £55,605 to £11,121 over the five years starting in 2016. We can only offer one scholarship, though several top performers will be interviewed as part of the selection process. 

My school is a close-knit learning community, where everyone is someone. We have over 100 trips a year, over 80 extracurricular clubs, and many inspirational opportunities. In the past twenty four months the girls have met a Dame, an Ambassador, a President and a Double Oscar winning actress. The results speak for themselves too. We are the only independent girls’ school in Leicester and also the best performing school in Leicester. 65% of our pupils gained A*/A grades at GCSE this year. The national average is 21%. 

Please call us to find out more about this opportunity. You need to register for the exam by 19 February 2016, and this costs £85. Contact Mrs Julia Harbage on Tel 0116 270 5338. 454 London Road, Leicester, LE2 2PP. Twitter @LeicesterHigh 

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