Pot Luck

How to turn your dream into reality: one couple's successful escape from the city. 

ISBN's: Paperback: 978-09934032-0-0 Hardback: 978-0-9934032-1-7
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Pot Luck by Jennifer Bell, tells the tale of driving west to set up an internationally successful pottery business in Cornwall with only a kiln, a kitchen table and a second-hand wardrobe. Five years and two children later, that dream was realised. Follow the couple's path of patience, planning and serendipity from selling their London flat on a whim (using the back of a Cornflake packet as a 'For Sale' sign), spending the summer as a milkman and waitress before finding the cottage and barn that would become their pottery and home for the next 15 years. 

With orders for their Cornish pots coming from as far as Europe, the USA, Japan, Australia and South Africa, when it came to a reluctant sale, the couple had more than fulfilled a whim: they had made a life out of it. As well as the difficulties and joys of such a choice, Jennifer Bell reveals some of the practicalities of growing and nurturing a successful small business in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. 

Pot Luck is about making the change that we all dream about. It is a heart-warming and feel-good read that is as much about raising a family in Cornwall as it is about making a geographical and visionary journey towards fulfilling our goals.