Just a Little Scratch

Dr David Raitt corrects the misunderstandings surrounding anaesthesia 

Publication date 28th January 2016 ISNB : 9781785890758 Price; £8.99 

For anyone, the thought of a forthcoming operation can be quite unnerving. Dr David Raitt seeks to change that, and has used his forty years of experience working as an anaesthetist to write 'Just a little scratch', his first informative guide. 

Just a little scratch some of the who, why, and what and how the development of modern naesthesia and will answer many questions which patients might wish to ask. How does it work? Will I wake up in the middle of the operation? What does the anaesthetist do during the operation? Is the anaesthetistadoctor?What'sthebestanaesthetic?  

Dr David Raitt trained as an an anaesthetist whilst serving in the R.A.F. he then spent 27 years as a consultatnt anaesthetist in Leicester - 10 as Clinical Director. He has now retired and lives in Rutland.