‘The Little Book Of Garden Bird Songs’


"The Little Book Of Woodland Bird Songs" features twelve songs from some of Britain's best-loved feathered friends who inhabit the forests and woodlands throughout the UK. 

Originally designed for young children, these sound books turn out to be popular with the whole family and especially among parents and grandparents who have fun learning with their offspring. The solid board pages are chunky enough for the smallest of hands to manage, and include beautifully illustrated information about each featured bird. As well as describing their habitat, feeding habits and physical appearance, there is also a little known fact about each bird - did you know that pheasants occasionally launch territorial attacks on people, animals and even cars? What brings these books to life is the sound bar, which enables you to identify each different bird by its song. 

At £12.99, "The Little Book Of Woodland Bird Songs" is a real keepsake that will be enjoyed by children and everyone young at heart. Available from 15th February, it's suitable for children and grown-ups aged 3 and up. 

 Available from all good book stores and www.amazon.co.uk