Have you all leapt into this year?

It has been and gone, the Christmas madness is over and as the last of the excess chocolate and rich food that we didn’t really need, but enjoyed has finally been eaten, we find ourselves at the start of another year. 

Christmas as a Daddy was different and amazing, we decided to close the door on the shop and the world and spend Christmas 

Day on the beach – in Norfolk. Holkham Beach was perfect with only a few other people with the same idea, the dogs loved it and in true British weather style it rained for most of our walk, so a refreshing drink at the Hoste was well deserved! 

We had a fantastic Christmas and Santa (in the form of my in-laws) was very good to us and treated us to a trip to the sun. Now many of you may know getting a farmer to leave the farm is not an easy task, my friends joke that I have a tag that doesn’t allow me too far from the farm for too long. However, last year was a long and eventful year and even I agreed a holiday maybe a good thing. 

The time away not only allowed me to enjoy a few rounds of golf and some lazy days, but also gave me time to reflect on all that has happened on the farm and think about the year ahead. I know that I run a tight ship and do ask an awful lot of all of those that work for us. I am a perfectionist and both Fliss and I find it very hard to let go. We are very lucky to have such great guys and girls working for us and I know I can be like a bit of a whirlwind sometimes, in fact I think if we hadn’t been going away our guys may have suggested it!! 

Having started to work more closely with local schools last year we already have a diary full of visits for the year ahead, so I had best make sure I have all of my facts at the ready. As I sat thinking of my facts I started to think about how a quiz night would be fun on the farm. Maybe an Easter Egg hunt also and while I am at it as well as pumpkin carving we could take people on tractor and trailer trips to cut their own pumpkins – I am glad I had that time off to think of all these things – the year ahead looks set to be a busy one – I best pull together an events diary (I can already hear the sighs - bet the guys on the farm are not so happy now, about all my time to think that is!!) 

Having spent quality time with family and friends over the festive period and having had time to clear my head, I am now set for a great leap year and hope you all are too. One with better weather to help our crops, better grain prices so us farmers can actually make some money for once! And one where, of course our lovely customers continue to play such a big part in our Roots family, making my job so much fun each day. 

As this year is a leap year, we have an extra day so let’s all make a deal to do something fabulous with
it, something exciting, something for yourself or others, something scary or selfless, something you have been putting off or just something different – take a leap of faith this year and just do it! 

See you soon at Roots

George x