Community Planting Week at Shuttlewood Clarke Foundation

The Foundation are delighted to have been awarded a grant by the National Forest Company under its Changing Landscapes Scheme to plant 2,000 broadleaf trees and shrubs creating new wildlife habitats and parkland areas for visitors and users at the Foundation to enjoy. Established in 1990 the Foundation has been providing support care and Friendship to the elderly and adults with disabilities for 25 years, with over 200,000 visitors to date and numbers growing year on year. 

Charlotte Turlington Principal Manager at the Foundation said ‘We have planted numerous trees and created a new pond area at our Ulverscroft Grange site. New Bat and Owl boxes will also be installed shortly providing nesting opportunities for the diverse wildlife that reside in the Ulverscroft area’. She added ‘The scheme has also enabled us to invest in new picnic benches and increase access to our field walks enabling more visitors to benefit from enhanced wellbeing through increased physical activity and the enjoyment of the natural environment’. 

Helen Baxter Activities Coordinator added ‘Throughout the week we have welcomed different groups to join us in planting trees at Ulverscroft Manor. Participants have included some of our wonderful volunteers and service users, who enjoyed planting trees overlooking Charnwood Forest and Bradgate Park. We also had the opportunity to work with a local Primary School from Stanton Under Bardon who were visiting our Yew Trail Outdoor Classroom, the children were delighted to take part in planting trees and also enjoyed educational activities such as shelter building and mini beast hunts as part of their visit to our superb Yew Trail’ 

Access to the newly planted areas will be 10.00am - 4.00pm Monday - Friday. If you would like to know more about the scheme or the activities and services that the Foundation has to offer then please contact Helen Baxter:  

01530 244914 or visit;