Grass-Fed Nation

ISBN: 9781785780769 - Publisher: Icon Books - Paperback: 208 pages 

The Archers script-writer and agricultural adviser Graham Harvey has written a new book entitled Grass-Fed Nation and within it talks about Tim May, a farmer intent on restoring the damaged soils on his farm due to years of chemical damage. 

Tim is turning back the clock and rather than relying on pesticides to farm, he is planting wildflowers, returning biodiversity to the farm, and running the farm in a natural way, which in turn produces healthier food. 

The farm, in Basingstoke makes for a real picture of natural beauty and Tim, dad of three, is mindful that he leaves a healthy and sustainable farm for the future. 

Graham is leading a new food initiative called Wild and Beautiful where he hopes to educate consumers about the food they eat, why natural farming is better than over-industrialised methods and why it’s healthier for our bodies and also the whole planet.