Former Headmaster Celebrated With Official Portrait

A former Headmaster of Loughborough Grammar School has returned to unveil his official portrait. 

Paul Fisher joined Loughborough Grammar School in 1998 and held the position of Headmaster for 17 years. 

His portrait is by one of Loughborough High School’s distinguished Old Girls, Hester Finch, who is now based in London and specialises in contemporary painting in watercolour and oils. 

The piece of art will join the collection of portraits of other former Headmasters in the school library. 

In the artwork, Mr Fisher is sitting in a relaxed position on a bench in front of the Tower building with his two dogs, Tess and Dexter, in the foreground. However, what makes Mr Fisher’s portrait different to the others is the composition, which is much less formal and full of light and dark colours. 

Hester Finch said: “I wanted the portrait to reflect the welcoming and inclusive nature of Paul Fisher’s tenure as Headmaster, and alongside his two beloved dogs, this is captured perfectly.” 

Mr Fisher unveiled the portrait in the presence of members of the Senior Leadership Team, former members of staff, and his successor, Headmaster Duncan Byrne, who joined Loughborough Grammar School in April 2016. 

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