For the Love of Life

Nuffield Health Leicester Hospital gets patients back on their feet faster thanks to zero waiting lists on self-pay treatments. If you’re on a waiting list, now is the time to fast-track your treatment at Nuffield Health Leicester Hospital where you can pay for your treatment without health insurance. 

Their expert consultants are highly experienced and will be with you throughout your treatment journey. Nuffield Health Leicester Hospital offer a comprehensive range of private treatments and services using the most up to date medical equipment and are experts across a number of specialties, including but not limited to orthopaedics, cosmetic surgery, children’s services, women's health and general surgery. 

As a not-for-profit organisation, Nuffield Health have neither shareholders nor investors; any surplus funds are put back into improving infrastructure for the benefit of the community. Their independence from government and the stock market allows them to plan long-term strategies to constantly improve the health and wellbeing of individuals and companies in the UK, regardless of geography, ethnicity, gender or age. 

Hospital Director, Tim Shewbridge said “We’ve been serving the community with first class private healthcare for more than 40 years and are a not-for-profit organisation, which means we reinvest all our profits into better facilities and services for our patients. We boast a modern, state-of-the-art private hospital with Consultants covering all specialities. Nuffield Health takes the view that health and fitness are intimately interrelated. It therefore makes sense to approach the two seamlessly within an integrated setting that is also connected to our hospital and health care system.” The result is a pioneering brand-new approach to health.

Since 1957, Nuffield Health has been setting the standard in the private health care sector. They have a unique approach to improving health in the UK, putting the quality of care and satisfaction of individuals first in everything they do and in the process improving the health of millions of people. Recent developments saw Nuffield Health create a pioneering new approach to health care by integrating prevention, cure and general fitness and wellbeing to ensure their customers benefit from a complete service. Incorporating 135 fitness and wellbeing centres into their portfolio along with their hospitals enables them to capitalise on 55 years of clinical expertise and improve proactive health provision in the UK. 

They do not offer private medical insurance, empty promises or poor quality service. What they do is combine their hospitals, health clinics, fitness & wellbeing gyms, diagnostic units and a wide range of treatments into one complete health and wellbeing service. 

In addition to the Hospital based in Leicester, Nuffield Health also boasts a Fitness & Wellbeing gym. When you join their gym you'll experience Nuffield Health's unique 3-step plan which is expertly designed to help you achieve your personal fitness goals. 

Your journey with a Nuffield Health gym begins with their 12-point, clinically approved, Health MOT from which you'll obtain a 'health score'. Three months later, and after carrying out your personalised gym programme, you'll have a second Health MOT. If you have not maintained or improved your score you'll be free to leave with no obligation. Readers of Countryside La Vie can benefit from a complimentary 3 day pass. Simply call the telephone number below, referencing Countryside La Vie. 

When choosing Nuffield Health Leicester Hospital for private surgery, you can also benefit from their Recovery Plus programme. 

Recovery Plus embodies Nuffield Health’s complete end-to-end approach to healthcare. It is an optional enhanced recovery programme available to their private patients for over 27 procedures. You will be provided with a personal recovery programme, health check, exercise and diet advice, together with a 3 month membership at a Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing Gym in Leicester and your own recovery coach. So you’ll be doing everything you can to maximise your recovery. 

For more information on Nuffield Health’s services, or to claim your free 3 day pass to their Fitness & Wellbeing Gym in Leicester, contact a member of their friendly team: 


tel: 0116 298 8891