How Much Is Your Money Worth?

The WWF 50p design can sell for £200-plus it was designed by Matthew Dent and features 50 individual icons which represent the WWF with the famous Panda at the heart of it. The Kew Gardens 50p coin is believed to be worth £50 which was created to celebrate their 250th Anniversary. The Royal Mint only released 210,000 of these 50ps. The Royal mint produced 29 designs for the 50p London 2012 Olympics a complete set could be worth around £35. However one of the 50ps could be worth it's weight in gold - the original aquatic coin, which shows water passing directly over the swimmer’s face. If you have one it could earn you up to £3,000 

In 2008, a mistake means an unknown number of the 136 million 20p coins printed between 2008 and 2009 do not have the date stamped on them. Usually, a 20p coin will have the year it was minted stamped on either the heads or the tails side of the coin. But if you find a 20p with no date, which experts herald it as the 'Holy Grail of change collecting' 

Other coins come from minting errors. A £2 coin issued to commemorate Guy Fawkes, instead of “Remember, Remember the Fifth of November” on the edge, some were minted “Pemember, Pemember the Fifth of November”. 

The new £5 notes are causing a bit of a stir with collectors paying hundreds of pounds for the first set of printed bank notes, with the serial note beginning AA01. A banknote with the 'AA01' prefix is followed by a serial code in low digits, it becomes even more attractive. The very first new £5 banknote has been kept by the Bank of England for auction, where it is expected to be sold for between £800 - £1,200. Also, keep an eye out for quirky numbers quirky numbers such as AK47 (same as the rifle). The new ten pound note will be out next summer and the £50 will follow a few years later - imagine what they might fetch! 

There are many other rare coins in circulation - might just be worth checking your penny jar!