Monet's Garden

A new paperback edition of Vivian Russell’s much-admired exploration of Claude Monet’s garden at Giverny, lavishly illustrated with award-winning photography. 

"THE IMMORTALS” Author Finishes No. 1 Bestseller Three Day Tour in Marco’s

Bec Holmes, Jess Moore, Jacki Minor and Harry Harris

On Saturday 4th June, Harry Harris finished his three day press tour in Leicester, for his ground breaking book “The Immortals” - a story on the success of Leicester City in the 15/16 Premier League season. He finished his tour at Marco’s New York Italian at The Grand Hotel. 

The Life of The Robin

  The Life of the Robin, by leading ornithologist David Lack – reissued by Pallas Athene Publishers on 9th June, with 21 illustrations by Peter Gillmor – was first published in 1943 and quickly became a leading text in scientific circles and beyond The book was ground-breaking not only in its findin

The Great Planes Above

A second self-help book by author Amit Kainth  Do you ever wonder that you are something more than this physical body, or you feel that something more exists beyond this creation, looking up and gazing at the stars and feeling a sensation of not belonging here? 

Pot Luck

How to turn your dream into reality: one couple's successful escape from the city.  ISBN's: Paperback: 978-09934032-0-0 Hardback: 978-0-9934032-1-7 & Amazon Kindle