A time to remember!

A time to remember

Back in the day when everyone had an allotment or small vegetable patch in their back garden. Self sufficiency was the order of the day. We all had a hand in growing the vegetables, raking out the weeds and drilling holes for the seeds to be planted. Some of us even kept a chicken or two.

Hello gardeners

Winter moves closer, this is one of my favourite times of the year, with the collection of rich colours from the trees and deciduous shrubs, the ruby red of berries along the hedgerow for the birds to eat over the winter months, and a cold snap in the air when you are out and about.

The Joy of Ponds

Clive Wheat

by Clive Wheat - There have been many things in my life that have defeated me, but walking on water is not one of them. This month I am going to talk about the joy of ponds in your garden. Picture the scene, long hot summer nights, heady perfumed air and the gorgeous sounds of running water.

Spring time in the garden

Spring time in the garden

Spring is just around the corner, the nights are drawing out and the days are becoming warmer. For me this is the best time of the year in the garden, the spring bulbs that you carefully planted in the autumn are beginning to show and the song of the birds is cheerful.

Dig for victory

Clive Wheat

by Clive Wheat - Although I am far too young to remember, was this not the battle cry during the Second World War who would have thought nearly 60years later it would have some bearing on what is happening in 2009.