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Addicted to sugar?

Kathy Pearson

As a mum on a journey to discover what could be causing my child’s health issues, I did extensive research on the effects of sugar on children. I found that according to many experts, sugar intake has profound negative effects on the body and not in a good way.

New Educational Board Game helps to improve the care of stroke patients

An educational board game developed by Focus Games Ltd in partnership with Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland (CHSS) and NHS Lanarkshire Stroke Services is helping frontline healthcare staff develop a better understanding of how stroke patients are managed at the four key stages of the stroke pathwa

One Stop Shop

One Stop Shop

Party season will soon be upon us and now is the time to get in the mood and visit Joanne a skin care specialist and her team at Silhouette’s beauty salon in Birstall.

Brain Boosters

When thinking about the nutrients we need we usually think about Vitamin C, B12 or calcium, but if you neglect your Iodine intake, have a second thought! The recommend daily amount is 150 micrograms, yet many adults do not achieve this.

Coffee Vs Bowel Cancer


  Drinking coffee could be the key to boosting survival rates in bowel cancer patients according to reports. It can help those suffering from this disease, plus cut the chances of it's return. The study found that it is half as likely to return in those who drank 4/5 mugs of coffee a day.