UK alien invasion

A student prank led to British Army and intelligence units being mobilised for fear that aliens were mounting an invasion of England, documents released recently by The National Archives show.

UCLA scientists use new scientific chemical analysis to verify vintage 4100 B.C. wine

Wine press and vat

Visiting the excavations of the Areni-1 cave complex in Armenia, archaeologist Levon Petrosyan contemplates the 6,100-year-old winemaking equipment discovered by an international project co-directed by Boris Gasparyan, Gregory Areshian and Ron Pinhasi.

Sovereign's head identified after more than four centuries

Multidisciplinary medical identification of a French king’s head (Henri IV) The skeletons of kings and queens lying in mass graves in the Royal Basilica of Saint-Denis in Paris could finally have the solemn funeral ceremonies they deserve, say experts in the Christmas issue published on bmj.com.