The Crown Jewels attract millions of visitors to the Tower of London every year. But did you know this...

The only item of coronation regalia to survive the destruction at the end of the Civil War was the Coronation Spoon. Clement Kynnersley, who had bought it at the 1649 sale, returned the unique 12th-century gold spoon back to King Charles II.

The History of Fabergé

The House of Fabergé is a jewellery firm which was founded in 1842 in St.Petersburg, Imperial Russia, by Gustav Faberge, using the accented name ‘Fabergé’; Gustav was followed by his son Peter Carl Fabergé, until the firm was nationalised by the Bolsheviks in 1918. 

Notorious Criminals: Thomas. E. Ketchum, the Cowboy Turned Criminal

Thomas E. Ketchum was born October 31st 1863 in San Saba County, Texas and known as Black Jack, a cowboy who later turned to a life of crime. Tom was born the youngest child of Green Berry and Temperance Ketchum. His father died when Tom was five, and his mother by the time he was ten.

Dr. Crippen

Dr Hawley Harvey Crippen, born September 11th 1862 in Coldwater, Michigan, was a doctor - but not the average medical physician. Crippen studied first at the University of Michigan Homeopathic Medical School and graduated from the Cleveland Homeopathic Medical College in 1884.