Peter Buckingham of Andrew Granger & Co offers some thoughts on the property market

Peter Buckingham of Andrew Granger & CO

It must be hard for all those long-term home owners, who have benefited so much from the property market's rich bounty over the years, to come to terms with the fact that for some time to come homes won't be the cash cows they have been in the past.

First time buyers could be closer to a dream home than they think

Linden Homes is staging an event for first time buyers at the Orchid development in Oakham during the weekend of September 22/23

While latest research suggests that the current average age of a first time buyer is 35– developer Linden Homes continues to welcome many purchasers in their 20s. And to show just what the company can offer those looking to step onto the housing ladder – whatever their age – Linden Homes is organisi