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New Technique For The Study of Blood Diseases

A new technique to study the flow of liquids developed by scientists from Université Paris-Saclay and the University of Amsterdam offers fresh hope for tackling blood diseases like thrombosis. 

Health & lifestyle tips for the menopause

The Menopause Exchange asked its members for health and lifestyle tips on coping with menopausal symptoms. The comments we received covered a wide range of topics, from diet and exercise to hobbies and complementary therapies.

Cat Virus Linked to Prostate Cancer

More than 46,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year in the UK. A parasite spread by cats may be a factor in causing prostate cancer in men. 

Alcohol Linked to Increase in Prostate Cancer Cases

Prostate cancer is the most common male cancer. Some 47,000 British men are diagnosed with the disease each year, and 11,000 of these cases are terminal. Shockingly one in ten who have the disease had a symptom for more than a year before going to the GP, according to the charity, Macmillan. 

Depression and The Pill

Leading experts are calling for more research into family planning methods in the UK following a recent study which confirmed a link between hormonal contraceptives and depression.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps to control the amount of calcium and phosphate in our bodies. Both are needed for healthy bones, teeth and muscles. Vitamin D is found naturally in a small number of foods, including oily fish, red meat, liver and egg yolks.

Technology that helps with Migraine & Stress

CEFALY Technology has produced an innovative band that is worn around the head to solve the global problem of migraine and other types of headaches. 

Did You Know?

Fluoride is a known poison and here in Leicestershire we do not have fluoridated water (so Severn Trent tell me).

Liberty Hall Salon

Gabbi and the team at Liberty Hall, consisting of Beauty Manager Kamilla, and Top stylists Sian and Charlotte go above and beyond when it comes to giving their clients not only the best service, but also making the salon a wonderful and relaxed place to be whilst oozing with sophistication and style

Diabetes Important Breakthrough

A cure for type 1 diabetes may be a step closer as scientists have managed to halt this condition in mice for six months due to the use of insulin-producing cells that had been generated using human stem cells. 

Under-Eye 'Bags' or Festoons? Nationally Recognized Physician Explains Why You Should Know the Difference

For a malady that’s as common to aging as waning vision, festoons – also called “malar mounds” - aren’t well understood by the public, says Adam J. Scheiner, M.D., an international eyelid and facial cosmetic surgeon specializing in the treatment of Festoons and featured on “The Dr.

Tell-tale signs GP's must look for - How to spot cancer

Any patient who has smoked and has a cough, shortness of breath or chest pain. Refer as urgent X-ray to be carried out within 2 weeks.  Patients with large suspicious moles that has recently changed shape or colour. refer within 2 Weeks to skin cancer specialist. 

One Stop Shop

One Stop Shop

Party season will soon be upon us and now is the time to get in the mood and visit Joanne a skin care specialist and her team at Silhouette’s beauty salon in Birstall.

Brain Boosters

When thinking about the nutrients we need we usually think about Vitamin C, B12 or calcium, but if you neglect your Iodine intake, have a second thought! The recommend daily amount is 150 micrograms, yet many adults do not achieve this.

Red Wine could keep diabetics heart healthy

A glass of wine - particularly red could be good for diabetics hearts. US and Israeli researchers tracked the health of 224 diabetics over 2 years and discovered the wine drinkers experienced an increase in 'good' cholesterol. 

Coffee Vs Bowel Cancer


  Drinking coffee could be the key to boosting survival rates in bowel cancer patients according to reports. It can help those suffering from this disease, plus cut the chances of it's return. The study found that it is half as likely to return in those who drank 4/5 mugs of coffee a day.

Salon Reaches Finals of Prestigious National Awards

George’s Hairdressing of Leicester is celebrating after finalising in the Best Local Salon category of national hairdressing competition – the Most Wanted Awards.

Liberty Hall

The Team at Liberty Hall

Independent Liberty Hall hairdressing and beauty salon is a long established business on the edge of Charnwood Forest in beautiful Woodhouse Eaves.