TiramisuIngredients (Serves 6):
225g mascarpone cheese
3 egg yolks
50g caster sugar
150ml strong coffee
2 egg whites
75ml rum
125g sponge fingers
50g chopped chocolate
cocoa powder to decorate


Whisk sugar and egg yolks untill light and moussey.

Stir the mascarpone in a seperate bowl to soften. Mix in the egg yolk mixture a bit at a time making sure the mixture is smooth.

Whisk the egg whites until they form soft peaks (a good tip is to make sure the whisk has been cleaned well and is completely dry or it will not whisk the egg whites properly). Fold in the mascarpone mixture.

Put the coffee and rum in a shallow dish, break the sponge fingers in half and dunk.

The dessert can be prepared in individual glasses or a large shallow dish. Start with a layer of coffee soaked sponge fingers, then some of the mascarpone mixture followed by a sprinkle of the chopped chocolate. Repeat until you reach the top. Finish with chopped chocolate and dredge decadently with Belgium cocoa powder for that extra touch of luxury.