An exhibition showcasing the works of the late artist and writer Rigby Graham (1931-2015) is on display at the University of Leicester

Rigby Graham Art

Running until 27th May, the exhibition, which is open to the public, contains limited edition books, pamphlets and postcards illustrated by Rigby Graham, who spent most of his life living and working in Leicester and has been described as one of the most important landscape and topographical painte

Stephen Park - Artist

Stephen Park

Stephen Park - Artist renowned for his artistic talent in interior Steel Staircases and Furniture under his company name Overwrought (, is producing an amazing array of paintings and sculptural pieces for both inside and outside of the home through his new company DistinctlyMin

Superb professional art series to be shown on Sky 171 and the country channel

Produced by APV Films Artworks is a high quality thirteen-part art TV series coming to The Country Channel at and Sky 171.  The series consists of a wide range of professionally made art films that instruct, inspire and fascinate in equal measures.