Dramatic battle to be re-told in spectacular event at Bosworth

The re-interment of  Richard III is fast approaching in 2015 – and next month the battle in which he lost his life is dramatically portrayed at Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre’s re-enactment weekend.

Hugh Herr: The new bionics that let us run, climb and dance

Hugh Herr is building the next generation of bionic limbs, robotic prosthetics inspired by nature's own designs.

GM crop link to liver failure

Scientists have linked the risk of liver failure to wheat being genetically modified in Australian tests.

Is it a Crop Too Far?

Over the last thirty or so years the global demand for food has considerably increased, and in the race to feed our planet scientists have discovered a way to genetically modify our food - known as GM or Biotech Foods.

World’s first "phonesat" Smartphone 'STRaND-1', successfully launched into orbit

'STRaND-1', a nanosatellite carrying a smartphone, has successfully launched into Space from India. STRaND-1 will fly the world's first smartphone in orbit and is the UK’s first CubeSat launched.

Students Stirred by Harlem Shake - Viral dance craze reaches University of Leicester

Hundreds of students from the University of Leicester took part in the recording of Leicester’s version of the Harlem Shake.

Dwarf planet mysteries beckon to new horizons

At this very moment one of the fastest spacecraft ever launched - NASA's New Horizons - is hurtling through the void at nearly one million miles per day. Launched in 2006, it has been in flight longer than some missions last, and still has four more years of travel to go.


In September 2010, Robonaut 2 (R2) will be taken to the ISS by the space shuttle 'Discovery'. Here, it will become the first humanoid robot to work in space. R2 was developed by NASA and General Motors, and will be capable of completing precise tasks such as setting up science experiments, or even running a vacuum cleaner.

Mark Roth: Suspended animation is within our grasp

Mark Roth studies suspended animation: the art of shutting down life processes and then starting them up again. It's wild stuff, but it's not science fiction. Induced by careful use of an otherwise toxic gas, suspended animation can potentially help trauma and heart attack victims survive long enough to be treated. Source: www.ted.com

Jill Tarter, SETI

The SETI Institute's Jill Tarter makes her TED Prize wish: to accelerate our search for cosmic company. Using a growing array of radio telescopes, she and her team listen for patterns that may be a sign of intelligence elsewhere in the universe. Source: www.ted.com

Victory show 2009

Slightly late but here is a short video clip of the Victory Show 2009, it was taken by one of our armature/trainee cameramen. This year's show commemorates the end of hostilities during WW2. The event took place at Foxlands Farm, Cosby on September 6th 2009.For more information on this event please visit: http://www.victoryshow.co.uk/