Horace Batten bespoke Bootmaker's

Horace BattenHorace Batten are the only place you will find 100% leather riding boots, made to the highest quality traditional skills and craftsmanship that spans over seven generations.

The Batten family started as bootmakers (not shoemakers) back in 1804 in Gloucester, England. There were no machines available to the bootmaker at this time and so all of the work was done by hand with the greatest of skill.

William Batten, the founder of the business, was born in 1780 in Ilminster, Somerset where the family can be traced back to the Civil War.

Horace Lampard Batten, born in 1912, is the Chairman nd still very much involved in the business. He is illiam Batten’s great, great, grandson; The 5th Generation.

His son Timothy and his granddaughter Emma, both run the business today- Seven Generations of Bootmakers!

The Battens make boots for officers of the Household cavalry and a few for the mounted police. In addition, they also produce to order Polo, Eventing, Dressage and traditional hunting boots, together with wooden Trees.

Having boots custom made to fit that unusual shaped leg can make all the difference. Battens can tailor the boots to ensure that not only do they look amazing, but are comfortable too.

Horace Batten
This truly traditional business, with it’s impressive past, continues to move forward and will undoubtedly supply these beautiful hand crafted boots to many future generations!

Website: www.horacebatten.com