Ladies get organised! With the great new product that's 'in the bag'

BagThe contents of a lady's handbag have long been the source of fascination and amazement to men. However, the fact is that today's modern lifestyle requires women to carry around a myriad of different things that maybe needed throughout the day. Items such as a mobile phone, purse, music player, an umbrella, a notebook, diary, sunglasses, keys, magazines, a book, and of course the essential make up collection, all these and more are likely to be thrown into the chaos found inside today's handbags.

Whilst women will always say that every item in their bag is essential many will be the first to admit that it can take forever searching around the bag trying to find something quickly - such as ringing mobile. Now, however help is at hand thanks to the launch of new product 'Organise Your Bag', an ingenious and versatile handbag organiser from Permark Products.

Organise Your Bag is different to any other handbag organiser on the market in the way it is totally transferable from one bag to another without the need to move any of your handbag's contents. You simply lift the entire organiser out of one handbag and slip into the next. With the average number of handbags owned by each woman being six, and many owning upwards of 20 or 30, the new Organise Your Bag is a time saving 'must' for today's busy girl about town.

Organise Your Bag incorporates 12 pockets in a neat and tidy arrangement and within no time at all it is easy to remember where everything is, no matter what handbag you have with you. It even has a discreetly hidden pocket tucked away for your more private items. Measuring 23cm x 16.5cm x9cm and made from strong washable nylon fabric Organise Your Bag is available in black, red and silver grey, complimenting the design of any handbag perfectly.The clever design will also protect original handbag linings from being chaffed or torn by sharp objects.

Organise Your Bag is great value and costs just £15.95 plus £1.65 postage and packing, or 2 for £30 plus £2.50 postage and packing, and can be purchased directly online at:

Now there is no excuse for having a chaotic handbag. To find out more visit the website and get organised with Organise Your Bag.