Etre Touchy gloves

Etre Touchy gloves are a fun way to keep your hands warm and dry while using mobile phones, portable games systems, music players, cameras and other electronic devices.

Etre Touchy gloves
Their missing thumb and index fingertips allowing you to touch, tap, stroke, slide and pinch these devices’ displays in any way you desire – a facet of their design that is particularly important when interacting with touch-screen devices like the iPhone and iPod Touch, since their capacitive touch-screen technology means that they only respond to your bare naked fingertips.

The gloves are 100% lambs wool and are available in four different sizes – men’s, women’s, youth’s and children’s – and in four different colour combinations:

* Charcoal with turquoise trim
* Light grey with pink trim
* Black with grey trim
* Chocolate with mint stripes

Etre Touchy gloves
In addition, customers/organisations who order 20 pairs or more will be able to choose their own colours from a range of around 120 stock shades.

The gloves retail at £19.99 GBP available at