On your bike! family cycle challenge launches at Grimsthorpe

One of Lincolnshire’s most beautiful stately homes, Grimsthorpe Castle Park and Gardens, is encouraging families to ‘get on their bike’ this summer and enjoy spending some quality time together.

For several years visitors have been bringing their own bikes to Grimsthorpe to enjoy the nine miles of picturesque trails within the grounds. However last year Grimsthorpe introduced a cycle hire service, and as an added attraction this year it is launching a Family Cycle Challenge.

Family Cycle Challenge
Equipped with a special Family Challenge Pack complete with rucksack, notebook and compass, children and parents can take part in a fun quiz along the route of the trail. As an added bonus all families taking up the challenge will be entered into a competition to win a mountain bike at the end of the season.

Access Manager for Grimsthorpe Ray Biggs explained: “We wanted to add some extra enjoyment to the cycle trails and develop a pastime that the whole family could enjoy, which is why we came up with the idea of the Family Cycle Challenge.

“It is intended to appeal to all ages, and as well as being extremely fun to do it provides an educational angle, as it enables the children to learn more about nature and the surrounding area, as well as a little bit of history. It also requires a bit of detective work which is always fun for children.”

The cycle trail is perfectly designed for families, avoiding steep inclines and rough terrain whenever possible, and is ideal for children of all ages – even little ones. As well as being a traffic-free environment it is also possible to hire ‘tag-alongs’ and buggy trailers.

The area around Grimsthorpe also boasts some of the cleanest air in the UK, making cycling at Grimsthorpe a truly healthy and green activity.

Ray Biggs is keen to see more families using the park, especially local families who may not be aware of the beautiful facilities on their doorstep and visitors to the area.

“Grimsthorpe Park is a stunning venue and provides the perfect day out for families looking to spend some quality time together whilst embarking on a healthy pastime,” said Ray. “Plus the area boasts some of the cleanest air in the UK. What more could you ask for? ”