KISS to release European tour on USB stick & MP3

KISS, one of the biggest rock bands in the world have confirmed that their entire European tour will be released on USB stick and as MP3 download.

The UK leg of KISS' “Sonic Boom Over Europe Tour” starts at the Sheffield Arena on May 1st. Fans who attend any of the concerts will be able to purchase the entire 2 ½ hours of live entertainment on USB stick at the merchandise stand directly after the show. Alternatively, fans will also be able to pre-order the concert on USB stick or as MP3 download in advance via the website -

Kiss USB

KISS is highly regarded as one of the most collectable and merchandise savvy rock bands around. Their foray into live concert recordings on USB stick and MP3 is hugely attractive to avid KISS collectors. As CD sales are in steady decline, the alternative of purchasing live recordings digitally, is developing a new revenue stream for rock bands who orchestrating live arena and outdoor festival tours.

“Music fans have always been into live recordings,” says Gerrit Schuman, MD of simfy live operator Music Networx, “making the KISS concerts available digitally on the same day as the concert, gives fans what they want,”

In addition to the 1 gigabyte USB stick, KISS enthusiasts who want to buy more than one concert will be able to order the Collector’s Gold Edition USB stick at any time, even prior to the tour. As soon as the concerts happen, they will be able to insert their Gold USB stick into the USB port of their PC or Apple Mac, and download the additional concerts directly from the simfy live website.

The USB stick and MP3 concert downloads are the brainchild of Music Networx, who specialise in live recordings and developing innovative ways to produce, showcase and market live music. As the operator of the simfy live music portal, Music Networx provides artists, record labels and rights holders with new sales channels and markets to exploit their music digitally via USB sticks, MP3 downloads and mobile delivery.