Leicester's most honoured citizen meet pioneering surgeon David Lloyd

David LloydThe outgoing Lord Mayor Manjula Sood awarded David Lloyd, consultant surgeon, the Most Honoured Citizen of the Year Award (2009 – 2010) for his achievements in cancer research, his life-long dedication to medicine and his pioneering skills in advancing surgery for the benefit of thousands of patients within Leicestershire. David first came to the Leicester Royal Infirmary in 1983 as a trainee surgeon and was appointed consultant surgeon in 1994. Soon after his appointment he developed and pioneered many keyhole surgical operations, the University Hospitals Leicester is now considered to be one of the Nations leading hospitals for keyhole surgery. He raised over £100,000 for his chi ldren’s Keyhole Surgery Appeal so that new equipment could be bought to enable hundreds of young children in Leicestershire to also benefit from minimal access keyhole surgery which avoids the use of a large incision. He continues to be actively involved in charity work and played the part of Simon Cowell in the ‘UHLs Got Talent’ charity event last November. He was also one of the special Ambassadors for the Special Olympics held in Leicester last year.

During the past 10 years David has also developed a microwave machine to treat patients with liver cancer. The microwave equipment is now being used in many cancer hospitals in the UK as well as leading cancer centres throughout the world. Surgeons in the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia are now using the microwave equipment and a few weeks ago David returned from China where he installed another machine and taught surgeons there how to use it. He was recently invited to give a lecture at the World Congress for Liver Surgery in Argentina to present the results from all the microwave treatments done worldwide but was unable to attend due to the volcanic ash cloud. The very successful results were presented by a colleague from America.

David continues to lead the way in medical advances. He has developed a new procedure for the treatment of groin pain in elite athletes and now treats professional football and rugby players from the premier leagues. The procedure is known as the Lloyd Release Procedure (www.lloydrelease.com). This keyhole operation has been specifically developed to allow sportsmen and women to return to their sport within a couple of weeks of their surgery. The Welsh rugby international Shane Williams and Manchester United and England football star Michael Carrick both returned to playing two weeks after his surgery.

His most recent advance is the development of ‘scarless’ surgery for gallstone removal. David has literally performed thousands of keyhole operations on patients with gallstones which usually involves making at least four little incisions in the abdomen. Although not strictly scarless, the new operation is done through a single small incision in the naval and the whole operation is done without the need for additional scars. This new procedure is known as ‘single incision surgery’ and can be loosely termed ‘scarless’ as after a few months even the scar in the naval cannot be seen. There is no doubt that other operations will also be carried out using this exciting technique but David warns that technology needs to advance significantly before all surgery can be done this way.

We would like to thank David for his hard work and innovative skills and hope that he continues to advance surgery for the benefit of more Leicester patients.