Blackbirdebooks Done & Dusted

Blackbirdebooks Done & DustedThis practical cleaning and lifestyle guide is packed full of time and moneysaving tips designed to help readers to reduce their toxic chemical footprint on their bodies, their homes and the planet. The focus is on small manageable and affordable steps towards a lighter work load and a healthier approach to cleaning, household management and hygiene. Done & Dusted is stamped with Stephanie Zia’s own personal and friendly approach and her tried and tested recipes for success. This 191 page ebook includes a good look at cleaning and other house and personal care products and offers practical solutions on a surprisingly wide variety of topics, all in an easy to absorb format.

Making the most of its eformat the book cross-references strategies as well as individual products to relevant websites. Where there are areas of confusion and controversy – e.g. the question of chemicals leaching from plastic bottles, whether we should be avoiding non-stick pans or deodorants which contain aluminium – there are links to further information to help readers find out more and make up their own minds as well as, in many cases, purchase recommended products online.