The Bad Boy B-Bone

The B-Bone means no fussy fairings and the like on a no-nonsense, hassle-free scooter for all the real riders out there. There’s no messing about here, just get on and ride!

With the benefit of a 125cc fuel injected four-stroke engine the fully automatic B-Bone will get you where you need to be and you’ll save along the way, as the B-Bone offers excellent fuel economy that car-drivers can only dream of.

Security is easy thanks to the sturdy steel skeleton frame that gives this scoot its name – making it easy to thread a chain through and anchor to something solid when parked and with no worries about scratches in overcrowded parking bays. An alternative to the ‘plastic fantastic’ options currently on the market – the B-Bone dares to be different.

For such a manly moto the riding position had to be different. Daelim has added a pair of solid alloy foot pegs, which protrude from the sides of the scooter in the same style found on custom choppers. After all, we are men and since when did we like sitting with legs firmly squeezed together? However, comfort is important and thanks to the low seat height and plush suspension the B-Bone takes care of it. The B-Bone also boasts a sophisticated linked braking system improving rider control and stability.

At just £2199 on the road the B-Bone is available in three different colour options - Red with Black frame, Black with Red frame or White with Black frame and comes with a full two year parts and labour warranty keeping you on the road and ahead of the traffic.

Drayton Croft Motorcycles