Traditional values in a changing world

Mike and Joe HillHas there ever been a time in the UK’s history when this could be any more applicable? Market Harborough Building Society has been operating to this very ethos for over 140 years.

Offering a wide range of financial services from mortgages, savings accounts, insurance and financial planning, the society, which is owned by its members has remained as strong as ever throughout this difficult economic time.

Whilst being traditional and independent, the products we offer remain competitive and regularly appear in national best buy tables. In 2009 our mortgage products made 226 appearances. We are also proud to announce our recent accolade, the Moneywise Magazine Award: ‘best lender for discount mortgages.’

Alongside the competitive rates, maintaining a few simple values and standards has reinforced what we are all about; traditional, friendly, straightforward and honest, which is epitomised by our family offset mortgage. This unique mortgage product means your savings can help reduce another family member’s mortgage payments. A great example of this is father and daughter, Mike and Joe Hill. “It’s fantastic” said Mike, “ with savings rates at such a low level, it’s so much better for me to use my investments to reduce the interest Joe would be paying - I’m giving my daughter the help she needs when she needs it most.”

Image: Father and Daughter, Mike and Joe Hill