Hetty Rose launches ready to wear shoe collection

Hetty Rose launches ready to wear shoe collectionThe brand new Ready to Wear collection from Hetty Rose is now available to buy. The key classic and top selling styles, which include Mika, Yuki, Kiki, Haruka and Mami, have been selected as part of the collection. In the future the collections will include more accessories; such as bags, interiors, baby shoes and men’s ties. Prices currently start at £180 for a pair of hand made shoes, wholesale prices from only £80 per pair.

Hetty’s new collection has stemmed from three years in business making bespoke shoes for individual clients. With increased sales and press attention, it’s now the perfect time to extend the brand to a wider audience. This will allow clients to enjoy some of the key styles at a lower cost of a bespoke pair of shoes. The key pieces can be collectives, as clients can buy the styles that suit them and create a personal collection of unique high-end designer shoes.

The concept behind the Hetty Rose brand is based on a theory of re-using and re-working vintage materials in a creative and sustainable way, hand making shoes to fit. Hetty Rose is a passionate bespoke footwear company with a clear brand philosophy; to make an environmental statement in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Hetty said: “The Ready to Wear range takes the essence of our bespoke, hand made shoes in our signature vintage kimono fabric style and makes them more accessible, so clients can buy without the six to eight week wait for bespoke shoes. Clients can own a precious piece of designer footwear at a more affordable price point.”

The designs are simple yet provocative, with colour being the overriding attraction to the shoes. This collaboration of colour, materials, service and directional design, result in unique, wearable footwear. Hetty Rose shoes appeal to the individual who craves authentic and individual products to enrich their life.