An online garden centre has launched a range of patriotic spuds to mark the royal wedding

Patriotic spuds to mark the royal has put together the limited range of red, white and blue potatoes ahead of the big day which includes three varieties, Highland Burgundy Red, British Queen and Salad Blue.

The three have been chosen for their versatility, and colour, and will bring a touch of class to any royal wedding celebrations.

The one off collection for a bag of 12 spuds costs £5.99.

Highland Burgundy Red date back to 1936 when they were used to add colour to a meal for the Duke of Burgundy. The potato is red inside with a ring of white flesh under the skin. They’re perfect for mash, chips and crisps.

The aptly named British Queen is over 100 years old and is highly prized for its yield, shape, floury texture and delicious flavour.

It’s the perfect potato for chips, roasting, jackets, mash, in fact for any recipe or meal needing a tasty spud.

Salad Blue was first grown in Scotland in the 1900’s and the skin and flesh are both a strong deep blue. The potato is great for mash but doesn’t boil well – it becomes fluffy and disintegrates.

The blue pigment is an anthocyanin which is an antioxidant which provides health benefits including protection from cancer and other diseases. Salad blue makes delicious novelty blue mash and chips.

Chris Bonnett from the site said: “We’re going royal wedding crazy and thought why not group some of Britain’s finest and most colourful spuds together to celebrate the happy moment.

Each bag includes four seed potatoes of each of the three varieties and are ideal for planting from now until the end of April. The crop will be ready from the end of June onwards.

They are easy to grow in the garden and if you’re short on space, can be grown in tubs on the patio.

“These three spuds will appeal you young and old gardeners alike and will prove a real talking point when they’re cooked and dished up for dinner.”

Chris added: "I'm sure they've already got catering sorted, but if they'd like to tuck into some great home grown veg William and Kate are more than welcome to a sample."