A time to remember!

Back in the day when everyone had an allotment or small vegetable patch in their back garden. Self sufficiency was the order of the day.

We all had a hand in growing the vegetables, raking out the weeds and drilling holes for the seeds to be planted. Some of us even kept a chicken or two.

I remember our neighbours having a chicken she used to lay the eggs as regular as clockwork. As children we became quite fond of old Henrietta. Her clucking was a constant background sound as we played hide and seek. Then one day I knocked on the door to see if anyone wanted to play, everyone was sitting around the dinner table looking glum. “Why was everyone so quiet” I said. “Henrietta has been made into our dinner” came the reply from the youngest. She ran off sobbing, needless to say no-one had much of an appetite that day!

A time to remember
A natural cycle of life on a farm but not so easy to accomplish within a family home - children just don’t understand!

Never the less more and more people are looking into keeping their own chickens. With the price of eggs ever soaring it makes sense - growing your own vegetables isn’t such a hard job either and is coming back into popularity. We certainly don’t have to accept these ridiculous prices which are ever increasing! We can all do something about it

Back In the day we used to grow everything from runner beans to tomatoes . It used to be fun and different and not to mention the savings that it made. There’s nothing like home grown food. The taste can be quite unique especially if you experiment with different varieties.

Self sufficiency is on the up and it’s something that all of us can take part in.

It makes sense you’ll not only make a saving, but you’ll feel better too. It’s a healthy outdoor recreation which will give you and your children lots of satsfaction once your crop reaches maturity. There’s nothing better than seeing all your hard work coming into fruition, so why not take a leaf out of your grandparents book and have a go! Seeds and information are available in most local gardening centres.