A taste of Persia, ancient and modern

The Society of Intercultural Understanding Leicester working in partnership with the Leicester Arts and Museums Service and the Iranian Cultural Centre in London to put on a superb exhibition and display at the Guildhall, Leicester, in March.

There were displays of traditional arts and crafts, including ceramics, gemstones, paintings, carpets, miniatures and calligraphic displays. There was also live Iranian music, films, and talks that brought the ancient Persian and Islamic heritage into the city of Leicester.

A taste of Persia
The official launch entitled: A Taste of Persia: Ancient and Modern took place at the Guildhall on Monday 7th March. Over 200 guests attended this event and the displays generated a great deal of interest. The exhibition continued to attract a lot of visitors to the Guildhall, throughout the week. The cultural heritage of Persia was considered to be inspirational.

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