Skeffington business man raises funds for charity

Skeffington business man raises funds for charityFrancesca Hughes is a 9yr old girl with Cerebral Palsy, last year over £40,000 was raised so she could go to St Louis, USA for a life changing operation called Selective Dorsal Rhiztomoy or SDR for short. This operation if successful was the difference between walking unaided or spending the rest of her life in a wheelchair.

With physiotherapy 5 times a week Francesca is determined to walk unaided, and since the operation has made excellent progress, now walking on crutches. The fund raiser was also to raise awareness for this operation

Skeffington business man raises funds for charitySkeffington businessman Andy Brown had his long hair shaved off by Francesca to raise funds for her ongoing pysiotherapy treatment. The event took place at Cheyne Walk Gentlemans Club, Northampton on Monday 15th August in conjunction with Becket Rotary Club, and the sum of £2,500 was raised for the Francesca Hughes Trust Fund.

A big thank you to all Andy Brown's customers, friends and family in Leicestershire and Rutland who sponsored him for this event.