Hes got a lot a bottle!

Graham Smith MD of Kirby and West was set to drive a milk-float from Leicester to Lands End in aid of local charities LOROS and Prostaid, having made the commitment as part of the Thomas May Executive Quest.

Though perfectly designed for stop start delivery across Leicestershire the iconic Kirby & West milk floats are not ideally designed for such long distance runs. Solid wheels mean every bump was felt as Graham made the 328 mile trek in only 5 days. At an average speed of 13 mph and a recharge every 40 miles the journey was a real endurance test for Graham.

Hes got a lot a bottle!
Kirby and West is a strong supporter of local charities and causes, in particular through their own lottery, that has now been running for four years. Graham is keen to raise funds for the local charities as well as highlighting the valuable service provided by milkmen across the whole country.

He said, “as the original delivery service milkmen have been supporting their local communities for many years. We consider ourselves a part of the community and being able to give something back is always good news.”

You can donate to these worthwhile causes through virginmoneygiving.com/maninafloat