Quick easy & cost effective student meals

The cost of food continues to rise – increasing by 0.9% between May and June this year, according to the Office of National Statistics. As a result, students preparing for university must learn how to make healthy meals at a cut price.

It is possible to make dinner for £1.50 per portion or less, without compromising on its nutritional content. Students need healthy, balanced meals, because it is diet that provides the brain with plenty of nutrients and the body with enough energy to cope with an essay crisis or a big night out.

Using canned food is an easy and affordable way to improve a student’s diet. It is often cheaper than fresh equivalents, but still contains plenty of vitamins and nutrients. Canned salmon, for example, contains more calcium than fresh salmon fillets, while canned tomatoes are a better source of the antioxidant lycopene. What’s more, the ingredients are cooked in the can once it is sealed, locking in nutrients that would be lost over time with fresh food left in the fridge

Canned Food UK has devised some cost-effective recipes for students when they need some culinary inspiration. Even the laziest student chef can make these recipes in minutes, as the ingredients should already be in their store-cupboard.

Students should eat plenty of pulses, as they contain the mineral iron, which is needed for concentration and energy. Canned Food UK’s Chickpea Dhal contains canned chickpeas and lentils, which can be used immediately but will make the hungriest student feel full for hours. It also costs just pennies per portion. The Crab and Noodle Soup also contains iron, takes ten minutes to make and costs just £1.50 per serving.

For a balanced meal that provides at least one portion of your 5-A-DAY, the Tomato and Tuna Pilaf costs £1.14 per serving. For extra brainfood during revision, replace the tuna with a can of oily fish – such as mackerel or sardines – which contains Omega-3 fatty acids.

For more information about cooking with canned food or to view more than 100 quick and easy recipes, visit www.cannedfood.co.uk. You can also download free recipe packs full of simple, nutritious meals that students can take to university.