Land Girl breaks new ground

New company Land Girl has launched, unveiling a new range of gardening clothes for women, taking its inspiration from the remarkable women in the Land Army, it has created a much-needed range of clothes just for women.

Designed with the insight of professional gardener, Nina Baxter, Land Girl’s clothes came about because she found it hard to find something to wear whilst working on clients’ gardens or in her own garden at home.

With a nod to the vintage feel of the 1940s and 1950s, and the Women’s Land Army’s can-do attitude to working the land, this range of trousers and dungarees not only gives you the style edge in the garden, but they also come with a range of extras.

Land Girl breaks new ground
These include lightly padded knees, full and three-quarter length option, special secateur pocket, flattering fit with good coverage on the lower back for bending and stretching, robust material and triple stitched seams for wear and tear (for both the home and professional gardener), other convenient pockets, including for mobile phone so you are never out of touch – even at the bottom of the garden.

Fed up with wearing uncomfortable and unflattering clothes, from old jeans to men’s garden clothes in a small size, Nina was spurred on to create a range of products that are comfortable, practical and fashionable – cut for a woman’s figure.

On launching the new range Nina said: ‘Whether you are a keen gardener and are out in all weathers, or just do the bit of occasional gardening, I hope you will enjoy wearing our new range of clothes. They have certainly changed how I feel – from meeting a client, planting up gardens or popping to the local shops, I always feel confident I look good but I am also wearing the best clothes for what I need to do!’