Kirby & West team up with local rugby club to help get them to the top of their game

A Leicester U14 rugby team is proving unstoppable after a milk delivery from Kirby & West put them on a winning streak. Kirby & West has teamed up with the Oadby Wyggestonian’s U14 team to prove that milk is better than any sports drink when it comes to improving muscle recovery. The Leicester dairy firm encouraged players to trade in their usual drink for a pint of milk after a gruelling training session, in a bid to help improve their fitness regime.

The trade has proved a huge success, with the team claiming that the new milk regime is aiding their muscle recovery, making their muscles much less painful after an intense training session. As a result, the milk-powered marvels have gone on to win 11 out of 12 games since beginning the experiment.

Kirby & West made contact with the local team after a BBC television programme, which was shown in February, proved that drinking a glass of milk after every session of exercise could noticeably increase the muscle’s recovery time. The programme, called “Britain’s Favourite Supermarket Foods” conducted a similar experiment to Kirby & West, with a local rugby team in Cornwall.

Graham Smith, MD at Kirby & West said: “I watched the programme and thought it was fantastic. I thought it was a great demonstration of milk’s ability and its importance within a healthy diet. Sports drinks are often perceived as being the best substance

Kirby & West team up with local rugby club to help get them to the top of their game
to drink after exercise, but the team’s feedback and their success certainly suggests otherwise.”

“I was surprised by how enthusiastic the team was and their positive feedback was brilliant to hear. We have really enjoyed working with the team and we will continue our support by sponsoring them next season.”

Neil Arthur, Oadby Wyggestonian U14 Manager, said: “Working with Graham at Kirby & West has been fantastic for the team, we’ve played extremely well as a result. Each one of the players was very much a sports drinks fan before and they were all surprised by the positive affects drinking milk had after a heavy training session. They have been converted and intend to stick with the milk.

“Each player stuck to drinking half a pint midway through a training session and another half afterwards. As their coach, I certainly noticed the difference and will be encouraging them to stick with the milk. We are so grateful for Graham’s donation of the milk and his sponsorship for next season. We’re looking forward to working with him again.”

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